Did You Hear The News? "WORLD'S BEST 'GIN' MARTINI!"

Posted by Chris McMillan on

It’s GOLD for Vantage at the BTI Chicago USA ‘Tastings World Cocktail Championships for the World’s Best Gin Martini’ - despite not technically being a ‘gin’, as we do not use any juniper berries, the judges were bowled over with the beautiful native Australian botanical flavours offered by Vantage in a martini. Not bad against some of the world’s top gins …….That’s the Australian Spirit!

The Tastings.com International Review of Spirits is America's oldest annual international spirits competition and has been operated objectively for 26 years. Judged by Tastings.com's trained staff joined by top spirits professionals and buyers from retailers and restaurants using a proven, consistent, proprietary methodology developed in collaboration with Cornell University.

We are so thrilled with this win and would like to thank the BTI judges for recognising our fabulous Australian spirit!

Why not try it for yourself?


GLASS: Chilled martini glass

60ml Vantage
15ml dry Vermouth
2 fresh lemon zest twists
OR one fresh lemon zest twist and three olives

Fill Boston shaker with cubed ice, add Vermouth, one lemon twist and Vantage, stir for a minute and strain into chilled martini glass using hawthorn or julep strainer.

One lemon twist over the top of the drink or green olives on toothpick. 

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