I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day...

Posted by Chris McMillan on

We love a bit of festivity here at Vantage HQ and we do love indulging now and again in some sweet treats. In Australia the classic Pavlova is such a favourite dessert at Christmas time and we are so lucky that our cherry season falls during December too! To pay homage to these wonderful delights, we came up with the Vantage White Cherry Pavlova Cocktail. It’s sweet enough to have for dessert and totally delicious - reminiscent of a Pav mixed with a Spider - remember putting ice cream in lemonade as a kid and watching it fizz?

Here’s the recipe:

Vantage White Cherry Pavlova

You will need:

40ml Vantage
*White Cherry syrup
2 scoops vanilla ice-cream
Soda water

For the White Cherry Syrup:
1/4 cup white cherries, chopped
1/4 cup water
1/2 cup caster sugar
1/4 tsp vanilla bean paste or 1/8th tsp fresh vanilla beans

Meringue (store bought minis), icing sugar and a white cherry


First make the white cherry syrup - dissolve on low heat the sugar and water. When dissolved add cherries and vanilla and bring to the boil stirring constantly. Once infused, strain the liquid, mashing the cherries to extract maximum flavour. Cool syrup in the fridge.

Add ice to a shaker. Add 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream, 40ml Vantage and the white cherry syrup and shake vigorously until mixed. 

Pour into your favourite tall glass, top with soda water allowing it to bubble up (like an ice cream spider) and garnish with broken meringue and a white cherry and sprinkle it with icing sugar. 

Give it a mix using a straw before sipping.

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