Easter - Choc Full Of Vantage Martinis

Posted by Chris McMillan on

It’s Easter so we just had to share with you a Vantage take on a Chocolate Martini…

This decadent cocktail is one for chocolate lovers, sweet tooths and those in between! Personally, I’d forego my Easter eggs any day for one of these delicious numbers!
Happy Easter everyone, stay safe on the roads and remember to drink responsibly.

The Vantage Chocolate Martini 
(Makes 2)

You will need:

40ml Vantage
120ml Chocolate Liqueur
1 cup cream
150gm milk chocolate (chopped)
Grated chocolate to garnish


  1. Heat the cream over medium heat until it starts to boil

  2. Pour over the chopped chocolate in bowl or a small jug and stir until chocolate melts

  3. Let it cool completely before making the martinis

  4. Half fill a cocktail shaker with ice

  5. Add 1 cup of the cooled ganache, the Vantage and the Chocolate liqueur

  6. Shake vigorously until a frost forms on the shaker

  7. Pour into your favourite martini glasses and sprinkle with grated chocolate

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