Desserts With Vantage

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We are so inspired this year by MasterChef - are you watching also? The creativity and talent are amazing and finals are here! Amazed by Chef Peter Gilmore year after year, tonight’s amazing dessert challenge was another great example of his culinary talent.
In keeping with the mood of all things sweet we thought we’d post our own recipe, made for us by Garry Cowled from The Olive Tree Cooking School on the Mornington Peninsula. It uses Vantage as an ingredient, but we think you can also sip a waring Vantage on the rocks while enjoying this delicious dessert. The flavours of this dessert beautifully complement the lemon myrtle, Tasmanian pepperberries and native mandarin oil that is infused in our national spirit.


You will need:


Lemon Curd:
6 egg yolks 
300ml whole eggs
270g caster sugar 
250g unsalted butter - cubed
250ml lemon juice plus the zest

24 Savoiardi biscuits
80mls Vantage

500ml milk 
80gm egg yolks 
125g caster sugar 
40gm cornflour 
¼ tsp dried lemon myrtle
200ml thickened cream



Whisk the egg yolks, eggs and sugar to smooth then add the juice and zest. Bring to the boil stirring

Remove from the heat and whisk in the butter. Cover and leave to cool. Refrigerate.

For the custard – combine the milk, lemon myrtle and ¾ of the sugar and bring to the boil.

Whisk the egg yolk, cornflour and remainder of the sugar until creamy. Pour on the boiling milk whisking continually and this should be sufficient to cook the custard. It may need to go back on the heat for a couple of minutes until it thickens. Cover with plastic wrap to prevent skinning. Leave to cool.

Lightly whisk the cream, then fold into the custard; refrigerate.

Sprinkle the Vantage over the biscuits and stand until soaked.

To assemble – layer a dish with the biscuits followed by a layer of custard then biscuits again. 

Spread a layer of lemon curd over the biscuits then biscuits again followed by custard. Finish with whipped cream and decorate with chocolate curls.

Refrigerate overnight until the mixture thickens. Serve with fresh raspberries or strawberries.


ENJOY with Vantage on ice and a slice of lemon - all year round!

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