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Recreate the Mojito, one of the world’s
most popular cocktails, using Vantage.
The Tasmanian pepperberries and the mint
leaves were made for each other, whilst the lemon myrtle and mandarin in Vantage create a new sensation for an old classic.

GLASS: tall cocktail / Collins glass


60ml Vantage
6-8 fresh mint leaves
6 fresh lime wedges / half a fresh lime cut into wedges
1 tsp vanilla sugar / 15ml sugar syrup
30ml soda water


Place lime wedges and sugar into tall glass and muddle well. Add mint leaves and crushed ice, Vantage and the soda water,
stir / churn well. 
Top with a small scoop of crushed ice.


Simple: mint sprig

Advanced: lime wedge & mint leaf


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