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Caipiroska is a variation of the 'caipirinha', widely regarded as Brazil's national cocktail. The caipirinha is made with cachaça (made from sugarcane that's fermented and distilled), plus sugar and lime. Caipiroska traditionally uses vodka instead of cachaça, but here we substitute the vodka for Vantage.

GLASS: Old fashioned


45 ml  Vantage
1 lime, cut into eight wedges
2 tsp caster (superfine) sugar
half cup crushed ice


Using a muddler (or the end of a wooden spoon), crush lime wedges with sugar in cocktail shaker.

Add Vantage and ½ cup crushed ice; shake vigorously. Pour into 260ml (8½-ounce) old fashioned glass.


wedge of lime


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