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Rosemary and raspberry - serve when welcoming guests,
a festive looking punch for Christmas

JUG: 1L jug


200ml Vantage
200ml lemonade (or soda for less sweetness)
200ml cranberry juice
2 x fresh sprigs of rosemary
8 x fresh raspberries
2 x scoops of cubed ice


Mix all liquid ingredients and refrigerate for at least an hour before guests arrive. Add ice , rosemary and raspberries just prior to serving so that the rosemary doesn't overpower the flavours. Stir well.


A sprig of mint or rosemary to garnish -
add fresh raspberries in each glass

*adjust recipe quantities to suit your taste - more lemonade or cranberry if you'd like it sweeter,  more Vantage if you'd like it stronger.


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