Vantage Australia – Spirit of a Nation is Launching!

“Vantage Australia: The spirit of a Nation” will be offered in a 700ml bottle depicting the historical pioneering spirit of the Australian nation and also in a one litre format. The one litre icon series has been created to foster travel retail/duty free sales whilst creating a unique point of interest that will also be appealing to domestic consumers.

Keep checking this web site for more details on some unique launch locations and activities and in several Capital Cities, including tastings, signature cocktails, Australian bush tucker and giveaways.


  1. Craig whitehouseReply

    I have tried to get the new Vantage spirit from 2 dan murphys and they tell me that it is not available
    Where else can I get it from in Brisbane

  2. ClareReply

    I too have been searching for additional bottles of Vantage & Dan Murphy says it is no longer being produced. Is this true? Or can I buy it somewhere else?

  3. Caroline LawrenceReply

    I happened to go into IGA at Towerhill Frankston and was fortunate to be there when there was a taste test. I loved it immediately and bought a bottle. Now all I have to do is convince people how special it really is. What a classic and unique flavour, I will definately be spreading the word.


  4. John EvansReply

    My partner and I tasted it at Sydney airport and bought a litre, now we are trying to find it again but can’t. It really is nice straight or mixed.
    I would like to know where to buy it again.


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